Reid McAlpine Campaign

Unionville Heritage District

Revitalizing Main Street

Main Street is the most popular public space in Markham. But the street is worn out. It was last upgraded in the 1980s. This hurts business on the street and makes for a less attractive space for residents and tourists to enjoy.

Reid successfully spearheaded a community movement to redesign the street in a way that prioritizes people over cars, while retaining access to parking on the west side of the street. The plan is to install pavers across the entire width of the street from Carlton Road to the GO/Metrolinx railway tracks, with wider sidewalks and narrower (i.e. slower) driving lanes. No more concrete or asphalt! Plus new street lamps, and street trees for the first time in decades.

One essential goal of the revitalization will be to ensure accessibility by people of all ages and abilities. Markham’s Accessibility Advisory Committee is being consulted and the new design will meet AODA standards. Already, at Reid’s suggestion, three accessible parking spaces have recently been installed on “Blacksmith Lane”.

Implementation will begin this fall, starting with reconstruction of the underground Alectra electricity vaults. The main project will be implemented in 2023 and 2024. For more information and to have a say as design decisions are made, register and check on the webpage.

Covid-related Business Support

During the pandemic Main Street attracted more pedestrians than normal, even as businesses on the street struggled.

Reid championed the Covid-related Slow Street initiative to make Main Street safer for pedestrians and to drive summer business for Main Street retailers, cafes and restaurants. This is continuing in this summer and will then replaced by the permanent new streetscape noted above.