Open, Transparent, & Responsive Government

Reid McAlpine Councillor Ward 3 Unionville Markham

Lobbyist Registry

Openness and transparency in the dealings of elected officials (and staff employed by governments) is a foundational principle of 21st century democracy. Most senior-level governments require lobbyists to register their dealings with those governments without in any way interfering with the lobbyists’ legitimate interactions with elected leaders. This provides voters a window into the dealings of government officials.

A Lobbyist Registry was first considered by Markham Council over 10 years ago and has been deferred multiple times since.

Reid proposed a motion at Council, seconded by Ward 4 Councillor Rea, to implement a Lobbyist Registry in Markham. A  majority of council voted to defer consideration until 2023, after the election, despite clear support from most residents and advice from a range of experts. Why would any councillors vote against openness and transparency?

Ensuring Open Communication with Ward 3 Residents

Staying in touch with the City and understanding community issues can be challenging, particularly as traditional media decline or, as in Markham, when most media outlets are Toronto-focused.

“What we have here is a failure to communicate” is a famous line from the classic movie, Cool Hand Luke. Reid is determined that this will not apply in Ward 3. One of Reid’s first initiatives when elected was to implement a monthly digital newsletter, including a wide range of information relevant to residents of Ward 3. The email goes out to 1900 recipients, with a few more added every month. Reid is also active on Twitter @reidmcalpine and monitors community groups on Facebook and Nextdoor.

Building a Vibrant Community

Ward 3 is unique in the number and involvement of community associations: Unionville Residents Association (URA), Unionville Villagers Association (UVA), South Unionville Residents Forum and South Unionville Community Association. Others include the Unionville BIA, and the Unionville Community Centre for Seniors.

Reid is a former Board Director of URA and former Chair of the UVA. He continues to attend their monthly meetings and makes sure their voices are heard at Council. In Markham Centre where community involvement was less robust, Reid started regular town hall meetings with residents to update them on initiatives in their community and to respond to their concerns.

Reid also chaired the Unionville Festival for two years and served on the board for another three, taking charge of the huge task of managing vendors. He remains involved and is helping with the post-pandemic revival of the festival in 2022.