Donate to Reid’s Campaign!

Running for office takes money for a winning campaign!

We want to support Reid for Unionville Ward 3 Councillor so that he can continue the hard work that he has done for the residents over the past 15 years. Reid has worked actively throughout Markham and Unionville Ward 3 on various community issues such as the Unionville Festival and currently as our Ward Councillor. He has also been involved in addressing development issues such as the revitalization of Historic Unionville, and Markham Centre.

Here’s how!

You can contribute up to $1,200 towards getting Reid elected on October 24th. Your contribution entitles you to a rebate of up 75% from the City on the first $200. That is $150. Rebates are available only on donations between $50 and $200. To receive a rebate, you must be an Ontario resident. Here are some examples:

Contribution           Rebate

$50 to $200                Rebate is 75%             Example $200 donation = $150.00 rebate

$201 – $1,200              $150 rebate

Rebates can be maximized by splitting contributions among spouses and voting-age children.

Payment Options:

Thank you to everyone that contributed to Reid’s campaign. We have now closed contributions as Reid has met his campaign fundraising goals. We will follow up with all contributors in the next couple of weeks with directions on registering your contribution to Reid’s campaign with the city so that you can obtain your rebate next year.

Rebate cheques from the City of Markham will be mailed by Summer of 2023.