About Reid

Reid, his wife Susan Steele, and their two sons, have lived in Unionville since 2002. His elder son attends Bishops University in Quebec, and the youngest will start at the University of Waterloo in the fall of 2020. Both attended Unionville High School and Parkview Public School.

Reid holds an MBA from London Business School at the University of London in England. While in the program he spent an exchange semester at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He also conducted hands-on business consulting projects in Hong Kong, Britain, Poland and Russia.

Reid also earned an honours BA in economics and political studies from Queen’s University. He holds French language diplomas from the Sorbonne and the Université Savoie Mont Blanc in France.

Reid spent 25 years with Pearson, the world’s leading education company. He led large teams to develop resources for school students across Canada. He is particularly proud of the work he did to develop innovative world-class teaching tools to support struggling mathematics students.

Reid was also gratified to work with First Nations elders and educators. Under their guidance he led a team to integrate indigenous perspectives into mainstream learning resources – the first such effort anywhere in the world. The final products have had a profound effect on the First Nations and mainstream students and teachers who use them.

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Dear Neighbour,

I count myself lucky to live in Unionville and Markham. When my wife, Susan, and I stumbled upon what eventually became our home we had no idea of the friendships we would establish and the active community we had joined.

I doubt there are many other communities in Ontario with the level of civic engagement apparent in Unionville. There is the URA, UVA, SUCA, SURF, UBIA, UHS, UF and UVC, all devoted in one way or another to bringing our community together. And that is to say nothing of all the social media, sports, arts, seniors, religious and other volunteer groups that thrive in Unionville. The result is a unique community that I have worked hard for many years to support and promote.

We are lucky to have that community strength as we face unprecedented change. That is what will see us through the growth, development and increasing diversity that we encounter every day.

We need to protect our mature neighbourhoods, including the Unionville Heritage Conservation District, and we must ensure that our new communities are vibrant liveable places that provide homes, parks and other facilities in the right places. We need to be sure we can accommodate people who want to live, work, raise families, or even retire here, whatever their background. We need affordable housing for all segments of our community.

That means we need to make smart decisions about new development and the related impact on our transportation and social infrastructure, like community centres, parks and health services. It means doing what it takes so we feel safe in our own homes and on our streets.

As your Ward 3 Unionville councillor I work with all sectors of our community, to bring us together, to listen and to lead toward . . . a better Markham!

Reid McAlpine Councillor Unionville Ward 3