Reid McAlpine

Councillor Unionville Ward 3

…for a better Markham!

July 2020

Dear Neighbour,

Earlier this week we observed Canada Day; a day for celebration of course, but also a time for reflection. We are in this (i.e. the pandemic) for the long haul. And the recent  focus on anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism must not be just a fad. Core Canadian values like inclusiveness and compassion are now more important than ever and I can’t imagine anywhere I would rather be at this time. As part of Markham’s virtual Canada Day celebrations I recorded a couple of very brief videos that speak to our current situation here at minute 4:51 and here. I hope you enjoy them.

Today is also the 4th of July. To all our American residents and friends I wish the best, particularly in these trying times.

Sadly, as most will know by now, a cyclist recently died in a collision with a car on Carlton Road. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. We do not yet have the police report that will tell us exactly what happened in this particular instance. However the issue of pedestrian and cyclist safety has been on the city’s agenda for quite some time. A road safety audit is underway with a final report due in the fall. The audit results will form the basis of a city-wide strategy covering a range of potential interventions, including speed limits, public education, bike lanes, more sidewalks and much more. In other places around the world, including Toronto, these strategies are often presented under the name “Vision Zero” — i.e. zero cyclist and pedestrian deaths. That’s a lofty goal, particularly in a car-centric community like Markham, but perhaps that is what we need to drive real deep changes to how we approach road safety.

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